HoneyBear’s Hope

So much to talk about!  First of all I apologize for being M.I.A. for the last couple months!  HoneyBear’s last check up was the same as the others…….pretty much stable, maybe one more, maybe a millimeter bigger, very slow progression.  Given HoneyBear’s situation this is good news but lately I find myself thinking can we do more?  I know the facts HoneyBear is 10, has pulmonary metastases from a very aggressive cancer and has already done very well statistically.  We know how much we are doing for her and I know it sounds crazy but we want to try harder.  I have been researching everything from Stereotactic Radio Therapy to clinical trials to new and promising immunotherapy medications.  I won’t stop until I have exhausted all options with HoneyBear’s well being of course being top priority.  With the hope something will come our way to help her soon we started a fundraising effort.  We made bracelets and are selling them to raise funds for treatment and also to raise awareness.  They are yellow for Osteosarcoma and they say “HoneyBear’s Hope For A Cure-honeybear.tripawds.com.”  HoneyBear’s hope that one day there will be a cure for people and animals alike.

We also switched her diet.  I have struggled trying to find the right diet for her.  I want no grains and carbs for the cancer keeping in mind higher amounts of protein will make her kidney values rise.  This is nearly impossible but we seem to have found our answer!  Answers raw dog food. I know what you are thinking #1 Ewwwww and #2 that has to be unsafe!  Well that is exactly what I thought but the food is grown and processed at a small farm that is %100 organic and free range.  HoneyBear is on their detailed formula that is fermented for safety and as long as you’re open minded its not that gross.  I will keep you updated on this but so far so good.

HoneyBear’s new excitement is the kittens the neighbors have in the yard behind us.  She runs out there every morning/night straight to the back fence and waits for them to come to the small opening to basically have a stare down. 🙂  She will stare at them for hours if we let her! I am actually glad this is her fun right now because honestly it is too hot in south Texas to do anything else!  When we do take her out and about she lays on her cool pad, wears her cool vest and……don’t laugh…….we also have a fan for her! 🙂 I am serious people its scorching down here!

Despite the lung mets HoneyBear remains happy and that is the ultimate goal.  We wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize this.  I am praying for guidance on the next step for HoneyBear and also praying there is a next step.  Our hearts are in this %100 and we have to follow what we feel is right.  I know we are on this journey for a reason and if HoneyBear can be a part of finding a better treatment it would not only benefit her but other dogs and people living with this awful disease.  Standard care right now is simply not good enough.  We will never lose hope and we will do all we can to find another way.  One day there will be a cure and God willing HoneyBear will see that day.

8 thoughts on “HoneyBear’s Hope”

  1. Thanks for the update, your girl is gorgeous as usual. What great pawrents you are, and what an amazing job you are doing for/with her. May you fight this fight for a long time to come.

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  2. HoneyBear looks great! You guys are just such awesome pawrents. I think it’s great you’re doing raw food for her. After doing much research on nutrition after getting puppy Hank i too think raw is the way to go if one can. Keep it up beautiful girl you are one tough Warrior! Sending love and hugs!
    Linda & Spirit Mighty Max

    1. Thank you! The raw is very new for us but so far so good minus the beef formula. It just didn’t agree with her so chicken it is!

  3. Honey Bear is a pretty girl! I would love to know more about the raw diet. My 9 year old Rottweiler was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and had her back leg amputated a month ago.

    1. First of all welcome! I know the first month can be pretty rough with adjustments and pain meds but hopefully since yours had her back removed it is easier for her to get around. The raw diet is very new to us but so far so good! The beef formula didn’t agree with HoneyBear very well but she loves the chicken and the goat milk! I reccomend looking up Answers dog food and you can find a retailer near you. They are complete formulas and we got the fermented detailed version to be safe since she is on the chemo. There isn’t %100 research saying diet has anything to do with cancer growth but I highly think it does. Also look up keto animal sanctuary. They are helping a lot of dogs with raw diet alone! They are really nice at answering questions also but I didn’t feel comfortable just going to a meat market, buying some raw beef and saying here ya go HoneyBear! I feel a lot safer with Answers because I know it is safe and has all the vitamins she needs. I also started HoneyBear on canna-pet early on. She is allowed 2 of the max capsules everyday but I just give her one as 2 makes her kinda sleepy. Ruffwear’s harness has been a lifesaver! We have the webmaster with the brush guard for extra support! I could go on and on! Let me know if you have any questions as we have learned a lot so far!

  4. I am so glad to see Honey Bear doing well. I have been thinking about you all. Keep kicking butt Honey Bear. I hope you have gotten to swim a little in that pool this year.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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