Enjoying the Holidays!


Thanksgiving was a great day!  Our turkey was the best ever, the weather was beautiful and we were more than thankful to be spending the day with our sweet HoneyBear!  She even got her own dinner, don’t worry it wasn’t that ginormous turkey in the picture!  🙂  We made her a turkey breast, mashed cauliflower and green beans.  Oh ya and a mini pumpkin pie (It was just pumpkin and egg baked).  She loved it!!  I love how strong her arm looks in this picture!


The other night we went to buy a Christmas tree and of course HoneyBear had to help us!  To be honest we hardly go anywhere without her now!  She loves to go and meet new friends!  Of course everyone asks how “He” lost “His” arm???  I always say “SHE had bone cancer but is doing great!”  I mean seriously she is so pretty I don’t understand why people call her a boy! Oh well there are worse things.  😉

If you read my last post you will know we were considering palladia but after research and talks with our oncologist we decided against it.  The new statistics are not good at all.  Adding it to her regimen would only give days or a month more.  There are also a lot of side effects.  She is doing amazing right now with everything!  Even though she has those 2 tiny spots in her lungs you would never know it from her personality!  She runs, plays, eats great and sleeps comfortably.  We know that the spots are so small they aren’t affecting her yet and I pray they stay that way.  The statistics for what we have done with surgery, chemotherapy and metronomics  are actually really good.  We are confident that if we stick with her supplements and metronomics  she will continue to do well.

I have researched cannabis oil a lot and finally made the decision a couple weeks ago to start supplementing with it also.  It is organic, safe, no side effects, and has many promising testimonials.  So I am going to share a list of everything Honeybear is taking and eating.

  1. Her food is Orijen’s senior formula
  2. Her treats are Orijen’s freeze dried
  3. Her other treats are salt free, wild caught sardines in water, slices of boiled eggs, and cucumber slices
  4. A couple times a week I add spinach, zucchini, or broccoli to her food along with wild caught salmon
  5. 2 TBSP organic pumpkin mixed with breakfast. To help her immune system and digestive track.
  6. 1/2 TBSP Chia seeds added to her breakfast.  Helps immune system, joints and digestion
  7. Bixbii Joint and Immunity Supplements.
  8. 5-1,000 mg Wild caught fish oil with dha
  9. 4 GNC Senior Formula Glucosamine
  10. 1 Canna Pet Advanced CBD Oil Capsule at night and I’m fixing to give her one in the morning too.
  11. Her metronomic therapy in the am that consists of 3/4 of a 227 mg Previcox, 1 Doxycycline, and 1 cyclophosphamide.

It is a lot but we are literally doing EVERYTHING we can to stop this cancer.  There is a lot of talk lately about immune therapy to treat cancer.  I definitely believe there is something to this and although I am not comfortable going %100 this approach I am trying to incorporate it as much as possible.  I think let the drugs kill the cancer and I will supplement with whatever I can to keep her immune system strong.  All this along with our strong faith and positive thinking will get Honeybear the most out of life.  I also still pray everyday for a miracle!