One Year and Going Strong!

Today is a very special day!  It is HoneyBear’s one year amputation anniversary!!!  I can’t believe a year ago we were walking into the clinic praying we were making the right decision.  The look on Honeybear’s face clearly says we did!  Her smile is always the first thing people notice about her (even before they realize a leg is missing :-))   I remember being so scared when we brought her home!  How was she going to walk, lay down, get up, play, swim, etc.???  She sure showed me by running on day 3 and swimming the first chance she got!

This year has been full of adventures!  From traveling around Texas to digging a huge hole in our backyard for HoneyBear’s pool. 🙂  Most recently we took her to Canyon lake and the Frio River in our inflatable raft/boat.  It is rare that you see a large dog float the River but even more rare to see a three legged large dog float the river!  It was awesome!  She loved every second of it!  We are hoping for more trips up there this summer.

HoneyBear recently had her check up with Dr Wiley which was her first one since her chest infection.  She literally ran in the clinic with a smile on her face giving everyone kisses!  I got a little teary-eyed because the staff came out and were so excited to see her!  Last time they saw her she couldn’t even walk!  There was no evidence of infection in her X-ray and her lung mets were “stable!!”  No one knew what the infection would do to the cancer cells, especially since she had to be off her chemo pill for about a month.  Thank God for being with us and delivering good news!! She will have to stay on the antibiotics for 3 months just to make %100 sure the infection is history!  Fine with me and fine with HoneyBear since that means more turkey and mozzarella balls! 🙂

It is true that this journey changes the way you view life.  HoneyBear has inspired me to enjoy and be thankful for every day.  Not a minute has gone by this last year that I wasn’t hopeful.  I have believed from day 1 that God wanted us to be on this path and can make miracles happen.  Even after her lung mets were found I still believed she could live a lot longer pain free and happy.  Even when she got really sick with her chest infection a couple months ago I still believed she would pull through.  My faith has grown so much this year because I feel God is with us answering our prayers.  I have faith her lung mets will remain stable and she will continue to inspire others embarking or about to embark on this journey.  She has not only adjusted to life on three legs, she has embraced it.  Many thanks to God for today, it means so much to us.  HoneyBear is a special member of our family and I pray and I believe she has a lot more time with us to enjoy life and go on more adventures.

“If you believe, Miracles CAN happen.”


8 thoughts on “One Year and Going Strong!”


    Wishing you many, many more ampuversaries, HoneyBear. Keep bringing all of your joy and light to your family.

    Jeanette, Angel Boone & Boone’s Earthly Sidekick Tuck

  2. What a wonderful story, we are at 6 weeks post amputation, have only had one chemo due to white cell counts and other issues, but are ever hopeful, Honey Bear is an inspiration.

  3. I’m beyond thrilled for you guys! Indeed, all things are possible with God….my faith has also grown these last 3 years. I may have mentioned on one of your other blogs that I have a sign above my kitchen door that says “Faith makes things possible, not easy”. I love the pic of HoneyBear in the raft – priceless! Here’s to many more adventures and ampuversaries for her. Give her a big hug from Nitro and I.


  4. Love this update! I was just thinking about you HoneyBear and wondering how you were doing. Clearly you and your pawrents are much too busy having fun fun fun! Hoppy one year sweet girl! Big celebrations coming your way! You two are clearly the best pawrents beautiful HoneyBear could have! Well done and continue hopping on!!

  5. Hooray for HoneyBear! Hoppy, hoppy one year ampuversary! I’m so happy to hear how well you are doing and to see that smile! Better still hooray for river trips!
    Wishing you many, many more ampuversaries and adventures!
    Teri and angel Isa

  6. Hoppy one year ampuversary! Honeybear is living proof that the existence of mets does not mean the journey is over.

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