Is There Such Thing As Too Much Fun???!!!!

I am so sorry to those of you that follow HoneyBear’s blog for taking so long to write an update!!  We have been too busy having fun!!!  We have been to the beach several times, Canyon Lake and San Antonio.  When we are not out and about or working I am researching food and supplements we can add to HoneyBear’s list.

Her last oncology appointment just happened to be on St Patrick’s day so of course she had to go in style… can’t really tell in the picture but she is wearing an LED blinking clover necklace. 🙂

Dr Wiley is still very happy with her progress.  As I have mentioned before she does have lung mets but they are progressing very slow and not affecting her quality of life.  We still have her on the maintenance chemo and her growing list of supplements is honestly too long to type!!  I have been speaking with a holistic vet recently and she has added some Chinese herbs to the mix.  I am still asking questions and researching homemade diets.  HoneyBear eats an excellent quality of food that is grain free and even though it’s for seniors is quite high in protein.  High protein and low carb is great for cancer but can take a toll on the kidney’s.  We have figured out recently HoneyBear’s high protein diet is making her kidney levels rise a little, nothing too crazy but something to be mindful of.  I have been adding non starchy veggies low in phosphorus to her dog food as a filler but it isn’t satisfying for her.  My brain is thinking homemade might be the way to go since she is needing a custom diet.  I am always learning something new and beneficial for HoneyBear.

Anyways on to the fun!  We took a trip to Canyon Lake which was so beautiful and clean!  HoneyBear loved the lake, we literally couldn’t keep her out of the water!  She wanted to swim and grab rocks with her mouth!  This is something she has always done at the river, it’s her thing. 🙂  She swam like a champ!!  As I was watching her I had to remind myself “she is missing a front leg and swimming!!”  We have also been several times to the beach lately.  Last time we went HoneyBear fetched her ball in the water probably 20 times!!  She didn’t want to stop!   Of course the mom in me was like don’t overdue it but the look of happiness on her sandy face was priceless!  Its amazing for a large almost 10 year old dog to be so active but a tripawd dog with lung mets is honestly such a miracle.  Don’t get me wrong she has her days where she is slow to get up and get moving but who doesn’t?! 😉 Oh I almost forgot the Blue Angels came to town last weekend so we went by the bay to watch them.  I was just posing with HoneyBear for a picture when they came out of no where and gave us an amazing picture!!

It’s probably going to be a little while for another update because we have some more fun planned!!!  HoneyBear will be 10 on April 17th so we are taking her on a birthday vacation!  Also April 6th will be her 10 month amputation anniversary!  And……the Easter Bunny will be at the mall next week taking pictures with pets for pet night which we will definitely be attending!  We are truly blessed to be able to spend this time with HoneyBear.  I am so grateful everyday for her presence, the doctors that continue to help her, my husband who works hard (so I can spend all his money on HoneyBear :-)), the ability to share her story and raise awareness and of course God’s healing hands without which none of this would be possible.


7 thoughts on “Is There Such Thing As Too Much Fun???!!!!”

  1. HONEYBEAR!!!!! It is soooo good to hear from you!!! Clearly you have been a very busy pup being spoiled in more ways than anyone could ever dream up!! 🙂 🙂

    My goodness! The trips you’ve been on to the beach, the Lake, shopping for good stuff……deeeelightful!! 🙂 You are such a happy girl!!

    Talk about being a loved girl…WOW!!! Your humans sure do love you a lot!! ,

    Did yriir Daddy ever finish the deck around YOUR pool??? Of course, a pool doesn’t compare to all the wonderful trips to the beach!!

    I @pve every single one of these picturees 🙂 From stylin’ yiur St Patrick’s Day jewels, to stylin’ those cute little booties, to stylin’ all your good looking swimwear….you are THE most beautiful Tripawd Runway Model ever! 🙂

    And HoneyBear, that picture of you and your pretty mom at the beach…..and The Blue Angels flying above…WOW! This is truly a treasured photo!




    Now let’s pawty the whole month of April. HoneyBear own April!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ice cream and cake every night!! 🙂

    Love to all

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. I just want to thank you for all your sweet comments on Honeybears blog! Your kind and thoughtful words mean so much to us! The deck is 90% done and swimming is definitely in Honeybears future!!

  2. PS. Mom and Dad, keep on doing what you’re doing! The food, the supplements, the holistic supplements, all seem to agree with her! 🙂

  3. HoneyBear does indeed look sooooo happy in the water/at the beach there!! You’re doing all you can and you’re doing it right!
    and that dog bed on the deck looks like every attentive dog’s dream come true!! 🙂
    keep blogging Sheena! More HoneyBear stories please!!
    tina & Manni

  4. Love the update. Way to keep fighting Honey Bear. We love that you are enjoying life. Keep on spoiling that wonderful girl.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  5. Ohhhh my dog I love all this news, you guys are just truly amazing. YAAAAY Honeybear! You are KICKIN CANCER”S BUTT again and again and prove that life can be good even with mets.

    What a grand way to show the world in style too. I love that your people do everything right for you. The Ruffwear Float Coat is key to being able to enjoy the water longer, and safer, especially as a Tripawd. And your Webmaster and boots are so helpful too I’m sure (Plus you look gorgeous in them!).

    If your Mama wants to cook for you, I recommend meeting with a veterinary nutritionist. Here’s a blog post with links for more info:

  6. Ms. Sanchez: Thank you so much for speaking with me today. I have a question: Is it best to keep the harness on full time? I notice it’s on in your pictures. Thank you.

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