We just had such and amazing weekend in San Antonio together!  Friday was Honeybear’s 2 month check up.  This was the longest we had gone between check ups.  So we actually got great news, even though Honeybear has a couple new tiny spots in her lungs Dr. Wiley said “I am very happy with what I see!  If this was a fast spreader it would have done it by now but it is progressing very very slow.”  I know you’re thinking, if she has a couple new spots how is this good news??!!  Metastasis of this cancer is pretty much inevitable. Those of us dealing with it of course pray for that miracle (which I still do) but the fact is most likely it will spread.  It could spread aggressively and fast or it could spread “very, very slow.”  We have done and are doing everything we can to slow it down and it’s working.  Honeybear’s quality of life is better than ever since the spots aren’t located where they cause any problems.  So yep it’s good news!!

Friday night my husband had an awards dinner for work at a “fancy” hotel on the Riverwalk.  Their pet policy didn’t allow Honeybear but when I explained her condition they made an exception!!  Thank you Wyndham!  She took a nap in the room while we attended the dinner.  Don’t worry we are not bad pet parents!!  We checked in on her through the video app Camio!  If you haven’t heard of it and are planning to travel with your puppy…….or even your child 😉 you need to download it.  On the way to the elevator Honeybear discovered her twin in the giant mirror which made a perfect picture. 🙂  There was only one area where she could potty and it was quite a ways from the room and it still cracks me up to think about the scenario.  Once we got down the elevator we had to walk through the very large sophisticated lobby filled with people looking their best.  The floors were beautifully polished and the staff was very attentive to the guests.  So here Honeybear and I come out the elevator door running as if there is a fire in the building, her huge slobbery tongue is hanging out of the left side of the smile on her face, her vest is jingling with her new St. Francis tag we just bought her and I can’t help but to laugh as we make our way to the exit.  It is easier for her to run than walk/hop so I just let her, always puts a smile on my face.  🙂 By the way despite the struggles of this year my husband received amazing recognition for a great year! 🙂  Honeybear and I are very proud of him!

Saturday was the best day!  We took Honeybear to the Alamo and Riverwalk.  Some people have never seen the Alamo and some have never seen a 3 legged dog, can you imagine them together??!! 🙂  She loved it!! One of the best investments we made since Honeybear has been a tripawd is her stroller/cart.  We can do so much more, if she gets tired she just hops in.  We do get some interesting looks but when people ask why or see for themselves why their interesting look turns to a smile. 🙂  I do however want to to put a sign on her cart that says “My name is Honeybear.  I am a girl.  Yes I only have 3 legs since I had bone cancer but I am doing great and I am so happy.  Any more questions go to honeybear.tripawds.com.”  Haha don’t worry I won’t do it but it would definitely help people understand.

When Honeybear came home from her surgery the first picture I added to her blog said ‘Life is Good’ and that has been our motto for life ever since!  I have always loved Honeybear so much but if possible I think I love her more now!  She is truly amazing to me.  Her love for life is as strong as ever, she loves meeting people and making new friends, she always has a smile on her face and she is always ready for the next adventure!  Honeybear is teaching us what really matters in life and that is the time we get to spend enjoying time together.  I feel so happy, blessed, thankful and look forward to much more time we can spend together!

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  1. What a great post! So glad that Honeybear is doing well. I love the part where you two are running through the lobby with people dressed their best – I’m sure you made a memory for them too! Thank you also for being so gracious and appreciative of the fact that you are lucky that your sweet Honeybear’s lung mets are new and also growing very very slow. My Sweet Ted’s were not slow growing and he lost his battle within weeks of us finding them. I’m so happy for you and her and also glad that you are LIVING with her. Please keep posting – it gives me joy and most likely gives those that are going through this sucky thing called cancer HOPE!

  2. HONEYBEAR! Look at you!!!!! You are lighting up the world with your travels! What a HAPPY gal you are! If CharlieBear did not have his love EmmaRose, I think he’d go traveling to meet you! Honeybear, you are a SUPERMODEL!!! Our favorite picture is HoneyBear as the Home Depot Mascot!!!

    Thank you for sharing Honeybear’s adventures with us. She is an inspiration and just looks so dang happy!!! I love that she is smart enough to know when to get into her HMS Honeybear to sail down the streets, and that she made quite the impression at the Awards Ball ( congrats to your husband as well:we never much hear how we should celebrate ourselves as well).

    Best wishes, hugs, and PyrPaws all around!

  3. Love it! I can just see you running through that lobby!
    We have a stroller, too and it actually helps very much going places and going on longer walks. But if by now I have started getting annoyed with all the people stopping, staring and asking questions when they see a tripawd it is even worse when Manni is in the stroller because they can’t see that he’s missing a leg. They just kind of stop and stare and look like they are thinking: Boy, now they don’t even let the dogs walk anymore…
    Honeybear looks great and I hope you can keep those mets at bay for a lot longer!
    Tina and Manni

  4. Honeybear, this IS a good update on soooo many levels!!! I’m so glad you shared this with us so we can celebrate with you!

    AND we get to see some of THE best pictures in the world of one of THE CUTUEST pups in the world!! She looks so cute in her Royal Carriage!

    BTW You have a GREAT attitude! I really do believe positive energy has an impact that science can’t really measure.

    Thanks so much for sharing these great photos with us today. The smile will stay on my face a looong time today!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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