Where’s My Pool??!!

antler #2

If you read my last update you know we bought Honeybear a pool so we have been so busy trying to get the backyard ready for it.  If you are a homeowner I know you will understand that one thing leads to another!  Its always going to cost more, take more time, and be completely exhausting!!  So needless to say we are exhausted and Honeybear still doesn’t have her pool set up 🙁  But we are staying motivated and will get it done soon, very soon!

Honeybear has been doing great!  My dad sent her some antlers from Wyoming that she can chew on and she loves them!  As you can tell from the picture she is saying this is all mine!  As I type she is getting her 4th dose of chemo.  The second we turn on the road of the clinic she starts whimpering and jumping around in the truck!  She loves coming here and the staff loves all the kisses she gives them!  I love coming here too but I have to admit I still get nervous every time.  When they bring her out I grab the cross on my necklace and hold it tight as well as my breath and wait for them to say “she is doing great!”  Then I breath and say “Thank you God!”  I’m sure anyone going through this will understand the fear of bad news.

When we leave the clinic we are going to a pet store that carries Orijen dog food.  Even with all the supplementing we have been doing with Honeybear’s diet I still can’t stop thinking that the #1 ingredient in her food is corn.  It’s a great food (Science Diet Prescription J/D) for her joints and that is why I haven’t switched yet because obviously her joint health is more important now than ever.  But that corn…….so after a lot of research I think it’s best to switch to Orijen.  I also have stopped giving her any kind of rawhide as we switched to the antlers.  I found out the antlers have minerals and marrow on the inside which have health benefits. As they chew on them they slowly get smaller and don’t splinter off.  They also last forever and I am so lucky that hiking in Wyoming is my Dad’s hobby and he finds them all the time!

Hopefully I can include a picture of Honeybear swimming in the pool on my next update.  I can’t wait to see her big smile as she paddles around.  I’m thinking it will take her a bit to get into the swing of swimming again but she is a smart girl!  Life is so good and I know I say it every time but I’m really so thankful for another day, week, month, and God willing, year and even years with our sweet girl!  Why stop at year??!!  She has the strength and support to live her life to its full potential!


*Look at that core strength!!*

core strength


5 thoughts on “Where’s My Pool??!!”

  1. HONEY BEAR! You just light up my world everytime I see your picture! You are soooo happy and that’s what it’s all about! 🙂

    Your core strength is spot on! And the sparkle in your eyes as yiu proudly show the world your antlers speaks volumes! You have a very special Grandpa who, like everyone, adores you!

    I know it’s frustrating waiting for your pool! I am eagerly anticipating the video of you swimming! It’s gonna be spectacular!!

    Wonder if one of those large kid pools would suffice until you get your grown up pool? Obviously you couldn’t swim in it, but you could lay down and cool off with it.

    So delighted to hear how well you are doing. We are all cheering for you really loudly!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Honey bear you’re looking great. So happy. I think you’ll like the Orijen food. Riley’s been on it for about 4 months now and he loves it. Coat is super shiny. Transition gradually over a few days or you’re going to get loose stools because it’s so rich in protein. The higher cost of it will be offset because you will be feeding less than you’re feeding now with the old brand because it’s so protein filled and dense. So happy things are going well and we’ll have pictures of a new pool soon I’ll bet.

  3. Forgot to mention, I use Orijen Six Fish and rotate with a couple of other brands sometimes. It appears to get good ratings as far as being good quality.

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