She’s Back!

honeybear 4th of july

This has been such a long month but I definitely wouldn’t change it!  Honeybear is officially one month post op and is finally getting back to herself!!  It took a lot longer than I was expecting but I’ll take it.  She is off all pain meds as of last week.  The only thing we are keeping her on is previcox (an anti-inflammatory) for any joint discomfort she may have.  We have also recently learned previcox may also help fight cancer cells.  She has only whimpered a couple times this last week from what we are guessing was phantom pains.  Other than that she seems to be pain free.  Her body went through an adjustment phase but we are thinking that is also getting a lot better.  She would grunt when laying down, seem stiff when walking, and have shaky legs upon standing.  Some of this had to do with lack of exercise while recovering, side effects from the pain meds, and her body just learning to move differently.  The oncologist was saying how her front leg is moving more to the center to compensate for the extra weight and tendons and ligaments are being stretched in this process.  Makes sense she would be a little uncomfortable!

Today was her second chemo treatment and her exam and blood work were great!  Last week her white blood count was low and she had to be put on antibiotics.  They say this is common and not to worry (Ya right me not worry??!!). I could definitely tell because she was a little tired for a couple days but she bounced back pretty quickly.  Today they lowered her dose just a little bit and the oncologist assured us that it will not decrease the effectiveness of the treatment.  Last time we saw the oncologist Honeybear was still on a lot of pain meds but today she wasn’t and definitely showed them her sweet personality!  She is a licker and they found that out 🙂  When we picked her up she was so happy she even tried to sit in the middle with us on the way home!

honeybear front seat truckhoneybear going to san antonio

We decided to take Honeybear to the beach for a couple hours July 4th weekend.  Of course we went prepared with lots of water and we even bought her a little tent that we put her cool pad in so she wouldn’t get overheated.  She actually hopped quite well in the sand and even got jealous of some kids playing a game of baseball so I had to bring her ball out for a couple short tosses. 🙂

honeybear and ball at beach  honeybear tent

We have looked at many diets and have decided to stick with her Science Diet J/D and supplement with lean meat, green veggies, turmeric, cottage cheese and pumpkin.  We, along with the oncologist, feel like this is the best plan for her.  Oh ya and an occasional bone to help clean her teeth, which she learned to hold with one paw the other night!!  I still think she will need another month and some physical therapy to be at her absolute best given the circumstances but she is doing so well and amazing us every day!! Every time she does something she used to do we jump for joy (literally, sometimes I do!).  She started playing with her toys the other day, she is greeting us when we get home, she is outside looking for the lizards, she barks at the UPS truck again, she is laying on her back again (typical Rottie), she is begging for her bone again, she is standing in the truck on rides again, and she is getting on our bed again!!  Don’t get worried we just have our mattress on the floor.  That is something I don’t think I have addressed yet……..We have been having a giant slumber party in our living room since she came home from her surgery!!  We decided it was easier and cheaper to buy enough non slip rugs for just our main living area and keep her to that part of the house.  So we have our mattress, 3 dog beds, and rugs and yoga matts everywhere!  🙂

honeybear and bonehoneybear on back

I’m sure we will still have some rough days ahead but we are also going to have many good!  Everyday is a blessing.  No one knows your future when you are going through cancer treatment but I have strong faith Honeybear has the will to survive and she will get through this stronger in the end!  We are so thankful God has put wonderful doctors in Honeybear’s life and pray he will continue to heal her!

4 thoughts on “She’s Back!”

  1. So glad it’s going well for you guys! She looks happy and awesome! We still have our bed on the floor and it’s been over 2 years 🙂 It’s amazing how adaptable they are. Enjoy your girl!

    Paula and Nitro

    1. Thank you!! And I literally”lol’d” about the bed on the floor! That will definitely be us! 🙂 and congratulations on 2 years!!!! Inspiring!

  2. She looks amazing. I am glad to hear things are going so well. Yes, very normal for white blood cell counts to drop.
    Love all the pictures

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. So glad to get this great updates and delightful pictures!!

    I love how she looks like she’s driving the car! She’s truly focused on the road straight ahead 🙂

    And all comfy in her bed tummy up! Now that’s a very content pup!

    Looks very happy at the beach!’ I know it did her a world of good!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how her sparkle is coming back and she’s returning to all her normal routines. Yep, I can relate to the jumping for joy!
    And it still gets even better!!

    Keep these great updates a d pictures coming. She’s a very special girl.

    HAPPY ONE MONTHS AMPUVERSARY HONEYBEAR!!!!!!! Ice cream and cake for everyone!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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