A Year Later-Remembering The Good Times!

There are some souls we come across in life that leave a lasting impression on who we are and how we live the rest of our lives.  In this case I am talking about the soul of a very special dog, HoneyBear.  A year ago today we had to tell her that we loved her so much and would see her again one day.

I have been thinking for the last couple weeks about how I wanted to write this post.  A part of me wants to tell you all that it is so hard living life without our best friend.  That I still have a hard time looking at old pictures and videos of her because it makes me miss her so much.  That I still sleep with her favorite blanket at night.  I could go on and on but I decided I want this to be a happy post. 🙂

Today I am remembering the happy times we had and the many adventures we took with her.  Like the time we took her to the Riverwalk and the Alamo in San Antonio.  Or the time we took her to Canyon Lake and she swam as a tripawd for the first time!  We couldn’t get her out of the water that day! One of my favorites is her floating the Frio River with us in our raft.  She loved it!  She could smell the rapids coming and smiled as we manauvered our way through them.  Just simple trips like eating at Grimaldi’s or taking her to Lowe’s where she rode on the lumbar cart were special.

Every Holiday was a big celebration!  One of her appointments was scheduled on St Patricks day so we got her a clover necklace that had blinking lights on it!  Everyone appreciated that! Her very first Oncology appointment we made her a shirt that said “Keep Calm and Hop Along!”  There was never a dull moment!  Oh and how could I forget?! One of my most cherished memories was celebrating HoneyBear’s 10th birthday in the San Antonio Animal Hospital as she was recovering from a chest infection.  I made her a special pumpkin doggy cake but we also got a cake for all the technicians that were helping take care of her.  They all came in the room and sang Happy Birthday to her!  It was a good day.  That year and a half was filled with laughter, love, hope and faith.  It was the time of our lives.  I will never forget these amazing memories and would relive it all again in a heartbeat.

There are people reading this right now that have a dog who is fighting cancer or are trying to make the right decision for their dog that has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  If you are one of these people the biggest advice I can give you is ALWAYS have hope!  Hope is what I believe gave us so much precious time with HoneyBear and such a positive outlook on life during that time.  I had hope everyday.  Hope that her lung metastasis would remain stable.  Hope that she would be eligible for a clinical trial.  Hope that Dr Wiley would call and say there is a cure.  Hope that her immune system would take over and kill the cancer.  I even had hope in her last days for a miracle.  So today one year after HoneyBear earned her angel wings I am honoring her by spreading her message of hope.  If you are reading this right now and are in a difficult place with your sick friend I encourage you to get positive and stay hopeful.

I will miss HoneyBear until the day I die.  It is hard to move on without her but I have to remind myself her spirit walks by our side everyday, her story cherished in our hearts, her pictures scattered across our walls, her chosen river rocks that now line our lemongrass garden, our backyard pool and deck that was made %100 for her.  She is everywhere around us and always will be. I thank God everyday for giving us the gift of HoneyBear and that unforgettable time with her.  So today is a celebration! A celebration of love, a celebration of hope, a celebration of coming together, a celebration of faith and mostly a celebration of the inspiring life of our best friend.  We love you HoneyBear and can’t wait to see you again one day.




6 thoughts on “A Year Later-Remembering The Good Times!”

  1. What a very positive message. I remember all the fun things you wrote about when Honey Bear was on her journey. The most special one was when you got her pool.

    I am glad you are remembering her this way. Yes, it is hard and tearful but you are right she is right beside you.

    Still have that special spot for Rotties. Til you see your Mom & Dad again Honey Bear.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. I always loved the stories about Honey Bear. I always loved your attitude towards her and towards this whole journey. Manni got to stay a few months longer than Honey Bear but we were always somewhat in the same spots of this journey. Even the pictures you have from all your adventures together resemble ours so I say : Hats off to you for making Honey Bear’s life such a great and fulfilled one and for staying so positive throughout.
    without Manni

  3. Awwwww I LOVED sharing these great times you had together, thank you so much for inviting us to her celebration of life. Honey Bear was a one-of-a-kind girl and your attitude during her journey was exemplary. Thank you for all you did and continue doing to spread her hopeful messages and inspawration. Her story lives on.

    Many hugs and much love coming your way now, and always.

  4. It is soooo good to hear from you and to be able to revisit our beloved HoneyBear❤ And make no mistake about it, we all fell in love with the precious mug from day one!! She stole our hearts with her happy smile and delightful personality.

    I know it was bittersweet to write this beautiful post that celebrates HoneyBear in such a happy way. 😁 I assure you, she is beaming with pride because you were able to make a conscious effort to push your sadness in the background and focus on what a happy lofe she lived!! Your post is EXACTLY what she would want!! .She radiated happiness and joy to is with every single post! And she still does today!!

    It really warmed my heart to revisit some of the dun things Honey Bear got to experience. It reminded me how very, very loved she was…she is❤

    I think we were all holding our collective breath when you were building that pool…THE HONEYBEAR POOL. You kept having hurdles and lots of delays! HA! No worries! HoneyBear had no intention of “checking out” before HER pool was built!!

    These poctures speak volumes avput living life to the fullest. It also speaks volumes about the UNBREAKABLE BOND…THE LOVE SHARED!!❤

    I cannot thank you enough for posting HoneyBear’s inspirational story of hope. The lessons that HoneyBear taught you….taught us all…will have a lasting impact here on everyone!! WOW!!! Talk about a life affirming legacy that lives on and touches ,lives…HoneyBear nailed it!!!!!!

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this beautiful tribute to our beloved Honey Bear.

    Oh, and I have it from a good source (Happy Hannah) that, even though the Bridge has an abundance of crystal clear cool lakes for swimming, Honey Bear prefers swimming in one of the hundred heated pools. The Angels dry him off with fluffy towels and then he takes a nice long nap under a shade tree. They’ve even named all the pools “HoneyBear’s Private Swimming Hole”

    With appreciation and love,
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5. Beautiful remembrance of a super-special soul! You guys gave her the best life ever, and she knew it. Kudos to you for focusing on the pawsitive things, rather than dwelling on the sad and negative ones. It would be so easy to fall into the “woe is us” theme. She had amazing adventures (and her very own pool!); her life was cut short, but she packed a lot of living into it. We raise our glasses to HoneyBear! The Bridge is rockin’ with celebration.

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

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