Hello Tripawds!

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This is Honeybear one day post op!  She has been amazing through this process.  Her surgery was 6/6/16, we picked her up the next day.  My husband and I couldn’t believe that she walked to us and smothered us with her usual slobbery kisses!  Of course she was a little groggy and on lots of pain meds but her sweet personality was still showing.  After the long list of post op instructions were covered we were free to take her home and start her recovery process.  I tried asking the nurse to come home with us but she politely declined 🙂

As soon as we got home I started making Honeybear some homemade chicken with broth and veggies in case she had a difficult time eating her dinner.  Let me just say the only difficult part was telling her she couldn’t have anymore! 🙂 She gobbled it up!  Bedtime was also a breeze as she slept comfortably in the same position on her bed all night.  It is amazing how she is walking/hopping on her own so quickly.  I can tell she seems a little shaky and off balance but I know a lot of that is from the pain meds.  I can’t wait until she is off of them and can really start hopping around.  Ironically one of her many nicknames is “bunny.” 🙂

We still have a long road ahead with chemo treatments around the corner and possibly physical therapy.  Everyday on this long road will be a blessing.  I am so happy with our decision to give Honeybear a fighting chance.  I pray she will conquer cancer and inspire others to do the same!!